Christian Kids Book Box's mission…

Igniting a passion for Jesus and reading. 

Christian Kids Book Box (CKBB) aims to help families carryout the mandate in Matthew 19: 14, when Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them.”

CKBB's goal is that children will know that they are special and loved by God through the books. CKBB aspiration is that children will develop a love for reading with the help of lovely Christian books.


How it all started... 

Christian Kids Book Box is a ministry of Kennora, a wife and mother. She was an educator for more than a decade and saw firsthand that when children know that they are loved by God this can greatly impact their lives. Christian books help children to understand who God is and that they are known by Him. 

As a classroom teacher reading books with  students, she saw that Christian books were a tool to minister to children about Jesus, while they developed their reading skills. Christian Kids Book Box was born!  

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Let's Ignite a Passion for     Jesus and Reading!


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